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Through the Rainbow (Birthday Book)- Lou Harvey-Zahra

Through the Rainbow (Birthday Book)- Lou Harvey-Zahra

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Through the Rainbow
A Waldorf Birthday Story for Children

Here's a beautiful birthday book story to share with your child on their special day, including room for personalisation. The traditional Waldorf birthday story is retold with soft, etheral illustration.

Children's birthdays are a time of reflection to look back over the last year, and remember the day they arrived in the world. The Waldorf tradition is to tell the birthday story -- the tale of a little soul who crossed the rainbow bridge, came to earth, found a loving family and became the birthday boy or girl.

The birthday story has been told for generations and holds a unique place in the hearts and memories of thousands of families. Through the Rainbow is a faithful and inspiring retelling of the most well-known version of the story by parenting coach and Waldorf parent Lou Harvey-Zahra, and is accompanied by soft, ethereal illustrations by Waldorf artist and teacher Sara Parrilli.

For ages 4+
30 pages.

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