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Bees - R Steiner GA 348

Bees - R Steiner GA 348

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In response to a question from an audience of construction workers, Rudolf Steiner began this series of lectures on bees. 'One only begins to understand the life of the bees when one knows that the bee lives in an atmosphere completely pervaded by love,' Steiner says. The unconscious wisdom contained in the beehive, and how this relates to the human experience of health, civilization, and the cosmos, is amply described in this unique book.

From physical descriptions of the everyday activities of the beehive, to the loftiest esoteric insights, these lectures urge our attention to the importance of bees. Like a bee among flowers, Steiner lights upon a myriad of bee-related topics, and, like the bee, gathers the pollen of knowledge we so desperately need now.

In 1923 Steiner said 'We must wait and see how things will be in fifty to eighty years of time, for by then certain forces which have hitherto been organic in the hive will be mechanized.' Steiner has accurately predicted the state of the honey-bee today. This book is a fascinating discussion for anyone interested in beekeeping and nature.

August 1998; Trans: T. Braatz (8 lectures, Dornach, 3 Feb to 22 Dec 1923, Prelude: GA 348, Lectures: GA 351 ); AP; 144pp; 1.5 x 13.5 cm; pb;

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